Tuesday, March 01, 2005

I was heading out to church on Sunday and L said, “…y, don’t forget your Visa…” This reminder, is part of how I was prepared to do what comes later…

I had my tithe and was not going to carry any additional money. I was led to visit the VCC, I usually attend LHMBC. I listened to the sermon which was a lesson from Isaiah about Abraham being instructed to sacrifice his son Isaac-how comforting it was to hear of the grace of God being extended to Abraham for being faithfully obedient.

After morning worship I went into the bookstore and wanted to see what books were available on mourning the loss of a child. A lady walked up and said, “…this is a really great book…” She went on to browse—I was unable to see the cover; binding; title—nothing. She came back over and asked, “…do you know someone who recently lost a child?” I said yes…she said, “…she will really love this book...” she shared with me how she lost her son nearly a year ago and how much the book helped her. I saw her again at the counter where she reiterated, “…she will really love this book. Is it the Mom or the Dad, you know?” I told her it was the Dad, and I mentioned how the Mom’s faith was demonstrated at the Visitation and the next day at the funeral…she again stated, “…she will love this book…” At this point, I am more than intrigued, I asked her, “…so, what you are saying to me is, give this book to the Mom and she will minister to the Dad??!!” She said, “Exactly!” She left the bookstore.

I then went into the Sanctuary and asked for prayer [by this time the line which formed after service was quite small]. I learned that this lady had lost her son and is working with the VCC to develop a group to serve parents who lost children and how her healing is coming from serving other parents move from grief to celebration and service.