Friday, May 22, 2009

what i've learned about weight loss:
on 3/07/08 i decided that i had had enough!

My Mom & Dad had been married 61 yrs--yes to each other...i know, amazing right?! Never a harsh word, never apart. They have never struggled with weight.

i being a good boy always cleaned my plate and never via the house pet.

since ~1987, i have struggled with weight, ballooning to 255lbs on a so called "husky" frame, at least that is what it was called in the 60s.

i had called a friend to ask him to work out with me and we agreed on a venue, Theodore Berry International Friendship Park, Cincinnati OH, 7:00 AM,

We started walking ~15 minutes M-F for ~ two weeks using my Marmot Precip for warmth, wicking and wind resistance. Week three and four we upped it to 30-minutes M-F. Week four i invested in some new Brooks Addiction 7 running shoes in silver and yellow :-) [Brooks GTS4 pair was shot], though i was walking, i wanted as much protection and insulation from possible injury as i could find [i had back surgery in 1980—weight is not my friend] and visited the #1 running shop in the county Bob Ronker’s Running Spot—they Rock! Fit, Service, Selection Great Staff--No wonder they earned the "#1 Specialty Running Store in the USA!" recognition.

As time went on we had challenges, challenge1 travel, weather...for travel we agreed to work out independently for weather we chose an indoor circuit comprised of downtown Cincinnati buildings linked by a network of linoleum tubes one story above street level that included steps, escalators and multiple surfaces, doorways, varied temperatures and some gradual ramps.

As my workout partners business began to experience greater and greater success, we would face challenge 2, having to workout independently more and more often, throughout weeks five through 12. We had upped our mileage and time to three and a half to four miles depending upon the day, maintaining our five day schedule, Monday through Friday.

Wk12 was a character builder, i had to decide, "why was i was working out?! Was it the comradery, was it vanity? Was it social, my workout partner is a gifted fine artist turned entrepreneur." i pressed on and prayed on...

Wk13 began a renewed discipline, walking four miles and adding bridges:

Purple People Bridge

Taylor Southgate Bridge

John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge the bridge which appears much like the Brooklyn Bridge, but predates it. Walking it from the Kentucky Side towards Cincinnati provides a commanding view of the Crown Jewel, should you ask me--the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

At Wk13 i also adopted my Dad’s weight program, “…push back from the table son…”

i drank water before, during and after meals, taking in nearly a gallon each day and for variety sake, a teaspoon of PUR pomegranate juice, Tropicana not from concentrate and i added 2-3 evening walks at a local park with my upstairs neighbors a nice, shaded hilly four mile course they mapped out using the 50 Million Pound Challenge pedometer. Orange Juice and each morning a cup of oatmeal most often with frozen organic berries—usually Driscoll’s blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, counting four or five berries per serving. i also discovered NOW Whey protein powder, flaxseed and local honey from a beekeeper about a mile away.

Wk20 was traumatic, i finally realized my workout partner would not return. Health problems and workload—i pressed and prayed on both for him and for me.


Through week 20 i was averaging a pound each week in weight loss and then stuck for two weeks at 235lbs

Challenge4 SMOG! Cincinnati had the topography of a bowl and barring a good storm, the air does not clear—i had to find a gym, i don’t mind rain and wet feet, i don’t mind cold—i do have Asthma and need my lungs for the next 75-years. i joined Mercy Healthplex and running in their warm water pool for up to an hour each smoggy day and working the plan given to me by my trainer two to three days per week. The Pilates reformer classes would be key to achieving a goal of a 40 inch waist on my way to a 38 inch waste, goals i had set for my 50th birthday—achieved ahead of schedule…had to reset my goal.

Challenge5 Jobloss, 10/2008, brought the loss of one amazing career and challenge #

i would limp along with my gym membership and cut my Pilates reformer classes back to once each week, down from three time each week continue to walk two to three evenings with my neighbors upstairs.

Today, at 202lbs i continue to set new goals, next up, 175lbs and a 30-inch waist.

With cholesterol and bp within normal limits, supplemented with hypertensive meds, and a statin to address my cholesterol i am called skinny and told i look like a different person, all i did was pray and …press on…
What i have been graced to learn about career searching:
1. Forgivenance is key, sometimes you must forgive yourself.
2. Prayerful study of The Book of James for Divine Wisdom [ This is about Godly Wisdom, which is free, as long as you ask and don't doubt!], especially during this time. I know the path you are one--quite well...please be encouraged. God is concerned and knows how you feel.

3. Recommended reading daily and/or weekly;
a. The Business Section of The Cincinnati Enquirer [ ]. The CEO profiles are often insightful.
b. The Cincinnati Business Courier [ ] online is updated daily, print is available on Friday afternoons with quarterly publications, too.

The objective here is to find CEOs and other high level contacts whose story resonates within you spirit, prior to researching their company and contacting them, via email and/or phone.

4. Lastly, tools within the Excel spreadsheet are various resources, I would like to draw special attention to the "Aggregators" or job boards for job boards, essentially one stop shops for jobs from direct employers, agencies and other job boards—please see the attached spreadsheet—This is about controlling what you can control, which is utilizing tools to actively search. [let me know you want to see the spreadsheet and i will email it to you...]

You will more likely than not, find your next career through a friend…do not lose Hope…
Please be sure to let me know that you received this and any questions you may have?

* I highly recommend that you register on to reconnect with persons you respect whom you may have lost contact with over the years. Please list everyone you know and search for them on linkedIN, once you have completed your profile [on linkedIN] and also do a "vanity search" using first name, last name and any term that distinguishes the person, like yul butler healing center cincinnati.

You will likely find your next career like I did, from a job referral--from a friend or family member--be strong and courageous and don't lose heart!

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i never thought i'd see the day i was free o'back...