Thursday, April 21, 2011

Trial by FIRE!!!

As my favorite Uncle; The Reverend Doctor Charles William Butler used to eloquently say, "...every now and then, The Good Lord renews your testimony... ."

Last week we had a fire in our living space.  We are living out of a single suitcase; sleeping in a double bed and eating with a $30 daily stipend.  We are living well in other words...

Given what we see and read in the USA Today newspaper delivered to our door each morning [in the dead of night], we have more than most and more than most to be grateful.

While I miss my local gym and my favorite instructors for yoga, aqua yoga, aqua Zumba, Pilates mat--I am struck by, as my Dad says, " well with us, things are...'  I am grateful noone was injured and for yet another lesson on how to learn to turn inconvenience into convenience.

My wife remains one of the strongest, most loving, most resilient women I know.  I only hope to live long enough to show her what she means to me... .